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Frequently Asked Questions


Becoming a Rep

If you love Exclusive Extracts and would like to start Repping for us in your area please contact us by email at and we will be happy to give you the information you need.

Shipping Information

How are shipping times based?

Our shipping times are based off when your order is shipped and not when it is placed.

Shipping Days
We only ship Monday-Wednesday
My shatter sugared is this covered?

We do not cover sugaring/de-waxing.

Why did I not receive the shipping I paid for?
  • Delivery standard date can be the same for 2 options.
  • Expedited is 4+business days and Xpress is 3-6 business days. If your order delivered aftrer the expedited date please contact us.
How are orders shipped?

Vacuum sealed for discreet smell proof shippiing with flawless customer service reputation.

Shipping to a PO Box

If you are not comfortable having packages shipped to your house or if you are never home when Canada Post comes by, we can always ship to your PO Box.

Signature Requirements

We require a signature for all packages unless otherwise specified by the consumer.

Pre-order Shipping Times

Pre-ordering starts Thursday and ships out Monday-Wednesday of the following week.

How come there is a delay?

Any time we encounter a delay we try to warn people. But delays can be due to stock limitations as well as we are very busy.


Flavour Restock
We tend to keep older popular strains listed as we do restock them.
Mix and Match
We have a Mix & Match section in our menu that allows you to order different products as part of a bundle. If you don’t know what to order or want to try a couple different products out this is a good place to start.
Wholesale ordering
Please contact us for any orders of a QP or more for pricing and any other inquiries you have.
How come my order is being substituted?

Due to stock limitations we sometimes have to substitute product in orders to have them shipped out in a timely manner. If substitutions need to be made we will message and wait for a reply. This can cause a delay in shipping.


Allergy Warning!

Our edibles do not contain any nuts but are made where nuts may be present.

How do I store my edibles?
We do not add any extra perservatives to our edibles and suggest that they be stored in the firdge or freezer depending on how long you’d like them to last.
How are the edibles sold?

We sell our edibles individually.


How do I obtain a discount code?
Discounts are offered depending on the order amount. We do have personal discounts for continued customers. We do post discount codes on our menu page whenever we are running special deals.
How many discount codes can be used?

Only our return program codes may be combined with other codes.

Payment Information

Where do I send my payment?
For all payment inquiries please live chat us.
I mailed my payment to the address provided to me
Any order that is paid for through cash in the mail will be placed in que until the payment is received. Once we receive the payment, we will e-mail you to let you know that it has arrived.
If you need help with anything please let us know by filling out our contact form or emailing us @

Orders & Returns

Is there a minimum purchase order? requires a minimum purchase amount of $100 in order to be placed in queue for fulfilment and shipping.
Ordering on a Weekend/Holiday
Any orders placed between Friday afternoon and Sunday or on any holiday will be processed and shipped the following business day when business resumes.
Why did I receive different strains than I ordered?
Substitutions are made to orders when specific strains ordered are no longer available as we process orders in que in the order they are paid. E-mails are sent when substitutions are made.
How can I place a bulk order for your products?
If you would like to place an order for a QP or more of any of our products, please email us at for pricing and any other inquiries.
Should I be weighing my product when I receive it?
We recommend always weighing your product upon receiving it.
Do you cover product bought from a dispensary?
We only cover products bought directly from us through the website.
I am having an issue with a strain?

If you are having an issue please live chat us for options.


How do I know my information is safe?
We do not give out any personal information to any outside parties.
How secure are the packages?
We have been operating for 5 years now successfully shipping all across Canada and we are now in the United States as well. We vacuum seal all our products, place them in a sealer bags and then place them in an envelope then in the final shipping box.

Recycle Program

What is the recycle program?

We offer customers the chance to recycle their old live resin jars and syringes for discounts/products. We only accept EE twist lid glass jars/EE Syringes

How many do I need?

We require a minimum of 15 jars/syringes.

What are the rewards of the recycle program?

15-29 Jars/syringes $10 off (Can be combined with another code)

30+ Jars/syringes Free gram bho

50+ Jars/Syringes Free gram bho+Free Gram CBD