Live Resin/Badder(Jars)


Live Resin/Badder(Jars)


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Pink Bubba – Hybrid – Pink Kush x Bubba Kush
Indica leaning effects to help with insomnia.

White Cookies – Hybrid – White Widow x GSC
Sweet, uplifting euphoric old school mixed with new school OG elements for relaxing.

Nebula – Hybrid
Head and body buzz intense and almost psychedelic.

Strawberry Cough – Sativa
Sweet, fresh strawberry scent with skunk & berry flavours. Uplifting effects.

Island Sweet Skunk – Sativa
Energetic effects with tropical fruit flavours taking lead.

Kandy Krush – Hybrid
Indica leaning, couch locking, put you to sleep effects.

Ice Cream Cake – Indica
Creamy flavour profile with subtle hints of vanilla and sugary dough. Perfect for bedtime.

Sweet Skunk – Hybrid
Strong cerebral effects with mid-level body effects. Mix of pine, spice, citrus and chemically aftertaste speaking to its name.

Romulan – Indica
Intense cerebral effects with a deep, sedating relaxation.

Lemonade – Indica
Great for relaxation, pain relief and insomnia.

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Live Resin Flavour

Blue Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, Island Sweet Skunk, Kandy Krush, Lemonade, Mixed Assortment, Nebula, Romulan, Strawberry cough, sweet skunk, White Cookies

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